All Thats Left limited edition print

/ Friday, July 12th, 2019

I took this photo in Bay St Louis in May and was very moved by the scene and wanted to paint it with symbols of loss presented with beauty and love. Bay St. Louis was Ground Zero for Katrina. Symbolism in the painting includes a cairn. Cairns have long been used as memorials for many hundreds of years and the cairn is in a cloche for preservation. Cloches were used in the Victorian era for preservation of small objects d’art. There’s dice and the 8 ball representing chance, the egret and shell for the resilient environment. The egret has returned with all that’s left, some delicate pieces of china, the pocket watch that has landed in the tree is stopped at 6:10, the time that the storm hit. Signed numbered limited edition, 18×24 print $160

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