Preservation #4 2019

I am enamored with the natural and man made beauty of our region, New Orleans architecture, the surrounding swamps, bayous, and marshes. I was inspired to paint this series because these treasures need to be preserved. I chose to paint them in glass cloche`s that were popular in the Victorian era, as was elaborate wallpapers. The wallpapers I created for this series corresponds with what is in the cloche`. This one has the iconic Fleur de Lis of the flag of New Orleans since the cemeteries are such a beautiful part of our city and there are so many of them here, most of which are in a state of crumbling away. The chest that the cloche`s sits on is a loose interpretation of one that belonged to my beloved grandmother.1 8×24 acrylic and 24K gold leaf on deep canvas painted on all edges. SALE PRICE $450 !!

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