539805_3989619472592_878459338_n[2]I feel fortunate to be able to share my love of New Orleans through my paintings.  I feel like I was separated from this city at birth and that I came home when I moved here in 2009.  I am in love with this colorful city that continuously entertains, amuses, and inspires me with its deep, rich history, architecture, people, amazing music, and unique neighborhoods, each with a very distinctive flavor.  I also find inspiration in sentimental objects and little altars everywhere in my home, which is a sacred space to me.  

My work is done in the studio, mostly from photos I take constantly while making my way around town, usually preferring the path less traveled. I intend to keep moving on this creative journey, always exploring different mediums and techniques.  I’m not necessarily painting to match the sofa!

My intention is that from these paintings you can experience joy, amusement, sentimentality, and some lesser known places in New Orleans, a few points beyond, and some that are born in my imagination.