Where Y’art interviews Cheryl Anne Grace

Where Y’art interviews Cheryl Anne Grace and profiles her new collection, “The Gospel According to New Orleans.”

Jazzfest 2018

Jazzfest was awesome!! So many new collectors from across the country and new additions for many current collectors.  Thank you everyone, thousands of you who came and enjoyed my paintings in “The Gospel According to New Orleans”  #jazzfes2018 #jazzfest #neworleansart #neworleansmusic #cullturebearers #jazz #neworleansartist

Post Fest Special Prices and free shipping!

Today thru May 11th there are special prices on the Gospel According to New Orleans paintings in the “People” section of my site. And to sweeten the deal free FedEx shipping!! Email me with your inquiries. Thanks everybody for an incredible Jazzfest!!

“The Gospel According to New Orleans and other collections

“The Gospel According to New Orleans” is my collection of New Orleans musicians and culture bearers portrayed as Byzantine Saints. They and what they represent are a religion to me and I feel it is my mission to spread the Gospel. Music brings people together just as worship in a church does.

Other collections I’m currently working on are “Preservation” , “Portraits of Airstreams”, “Nothing But Blue Skies”  and “Channeling Klimt”. And of course a lot more stuff in my head just waiting for its turn to get out!

Website updated today, April 24, 2018!!

Although this might not seem like a big deal to most people, it is to me!  And AT LAST (Aretha singing in my head) it’s done! All of my work is through today is posted!  Yay for me! Anything available for sale has listed under each piece where or how you can  buy it. Messaging me is always easy; I respond to email daily and it always seems like Christmas morning when someone gets in touch with me because they like what I paint.

And a great big thank you to all my collectors in 15 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. I believe in paying it forward and routinely donate my limited edition prints, original works when available, and hard cold cash to a variety of local charities that support causes that matter to me: LASPCA, assorted animal shelters,Public Television, HIV/AIDS, and various Women and Children’s causes and anything else where I feel I can help.

My mediums

All of my work is done in acrylic, mostly on canvas, although recently I’ve been exploring with birch panel. I’m obsessed with 23k gold leaf gilding, and I use rhinestones in most of my “Gospel According to New Orleans” pieces. I frame works if I feel it enhances the piece. On most of my work the frame would be a distraction.

Commissions welcomed!

My work sells quickly and I’m a slow painter. I’m kinda ADD so I get distracted a lot by critters in the garden and have to go outside and check on them. Plus, the dogs need petting. So, if you see something you like and it’s sold, I can do something similar for you, and a different size if you prefer. I haven’t done it yet, but the “Channelling Klimt” series lends itself to large scale works.

Nothin’ But Blue Skies

“Nothin’ But Blue Skies”, this exhibit of my work is currently at Ariodante Gallery, Julia Street, New Orleans through the end of September.

All of my life I have always looked up, literally and philosophically.  And, as far as I’m concerned, the sky is always blue, no matter what, even in the very worst of times for me.  I got fussed at a lot as a little kid for not watching where I was going, always tripping over my own feet.  As my wise daughter recently reminded me, the sky is infinite, the ground, finite. 

When I started painting these roof tops, I didn’t start with the intention of painting my life’s philosophy.  It occurred to me during the process that was exactly what I was doing.

All of my paintings are from photos I constantly take, looking up most of the time. I hope they bring you thoughts of infinite possibility as you view them!

My website!

So happy to have my site up and running!  The paintings on the site are most of the work I have done since moving to New Orleans in 2009.  I simply paint the subjects that interest me here in this colorful city.

Any paintings not marked as “sold” are available.  Please contact me if you are interested in any of my work.