Strength &Beauty~Forest Queen 16 diameter

/ Monday, July 15th, 2019

This is the 1st in a new series of mighty women on delicate china plates. She displays strength with her antlers and delicate beauty with her Monarch butterfly Victorian mantle and jewels. The two crows are a serendipitous nod to my love of them; they hang out around our house a lot. My grandmother had Blue Willow china and I have always loved it and have a collection of it. Although this woman isn’t anyone in particular; she is the strength and beauty of all women. The next ones in the series will be women of note. Stay tuned for Ruth Bader Ginsburg!! 16″ diameter canvas,acrylic painting, collage,rhinestones, resin on canvas. This piece has been accepted for a group show and will be available opening White Linen Night at LeMieux Gallery on Julia. I was one of 20 artists accepted out of 200 applicants. Contact LeMieux for price and to purchase.